Here Are The 9 Automotives That Will Have To Rally Their Way To X Prize’s Final Round


The original field of 136 experimental vehicles vying for the $10 million prize in Progressive Insurance’s Automotive X PRIZE competition has been whittled down to just nine finalists, competition organizers said Tuesday. Each of these finalists, having handed down-track testing at Michigan International Speedway, now move onto the validation phase, where the vehicles must prove they can exceed 100 MPGe, which represents “miles per gallon energy equivalent.”

The realm of nine includes:

Mainstream Class (Two vehicles, one team)

• Edison2, Very Light Car #97 (Charlottesville, VA), Internal Combustion Engine

• Edison2, Very Light Car #98 (Charlottesville, VA), Internal Combustion Engine

Alternative Class – Tandem (Two vehicles, one team)

• X-Tracer, E-Tracer #72 (Switzerland), Battery Electric

• X-Tracer, E-Tracer #79 (Switzerland), Battery Electric

Alternative Class – Side-by-Side (Five vehicles, five teams)

• Aptera, Aptera 2e (San Diego, CA), Battery Electric

• Li-ion Motors, Wave II (N . C .), Battery Electric

• RaceAbout Association, RaceAbout (Finland), Battery Electric

• TW4XP, TW4XP (Germany), Battery Electric

• ZAP, Alias (Santa Rosa, CA), Battery Electric

The competition centers on fuel efficiency. “MPGe is really a measure of simply how much energy is defined into a vehicle against just how far it will travel using that energy,” says X PRIZE Foundation CEO Peter Diamandis. Whereas competition organizers stayed out of the way the competitors approached the problem, each team did need so that you can fuel their vehicle making use of the existing infrastructure. This meant that gas, electricity and biofuels were fair game but hydrogen was off limits.

The vehicles are divided into three classes: mainstream, alternative tandem and alternative side-by-side. At an awards ceremony on September 16 in Washington, D.C., the winner in the mainstream class will receive $5 million, whereas $2.5 million will go to all the two alternative vehicle classes.

During the validation phase, all vehicles undergo dynamometer simulated road testing under controlled laboratory conditions at Argonne National Laboratory facilities in Illinois. The automobile in each class that exceeds 100 MPGe, meets the emissions and performance requirements, and, in the case of a tie, completes a combined efficiency and performance challenge together with the fastest time, will win.

Many of the competitors have been startup ventures trying to prove an idea and perhaps catch the eye of bigger players in the auto industry. The Aptera team, for example, is pushing to create a production style of its all-electric 2e vehicle within the next season. Aptera, that has received investments from IdeaLab and Google, is competing in the alternative side-by-side class, which means the design and style allows the passenger and driver to be seated next to one another in a small cockpit.

Santa Paula Chevrolet

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Be Original on Your First Date

First dates are stressful. In certain regards, you could argue that your whole life is determined by the impression you will be making during a first date. What if you are fortunate enough to meet your soul mate, are skilled enough to somehow manage to schedule a date together, but for reasons unknown you are unable to seal the sale and make a good impression whenever you finally meet up? This is basically the very definition of tragedy! Well don’t fear. As scary as first dates are, there are many ways by which you could separate yourself from the remainder of the crowd and present this lucky young lady a date that she’ll remember forever. With a little luck, the two of you will be able to reminisce about this date throughout your lives. Remember fellas, be original and she’ll remember you.


Take her for a test drive

Literally and figuratively. Every first date is, ultimately, the same as an exam drive. If your and also you date have chemistry and attraction, much like you have to test by using a car before making a commitment, you want to get yourself a sense. So just why not try out a date idea that is exciting, it, educational and fun mirrors the sentiment of the dating process? ! Take your lady or fella down to a Nissan dealership and get lost within the wonder of everything the new number of Nissans is offering. Go online and look for

Nissan Glendale or Downtown Nissan to discover the dealership nearest to you making an appointment in order that they’re waiting around for you if you arrive. Your date will likely be impressed inside your ability to plan in advance and you’ll be excited to impress her. Depending on the version of yourself that you want to show off to her, you’ll choose different versions of Nissans to test drive. For the practical man or woman in you, you’ll select the hybrid Altima. Go ahead and take Z series out to get a spin in order to show your date the greater number of adventurous version of you. You’re sure to impress because all Nissan cars and trucks are beautiful and inspired and fun to operate, whichever vehicle you choose.


Maybe you already have a vehicle you love so you want a different way to impress the first date. By cooking something incredible, you can’t go wrong. Cooking together is a great way to get a sense of your potential in team-work and it’s also sexy. You happen to be-make seafood should you ask me–and I guess if you’re reading this. It’s also not a mindless task, despite the fact that cooking seafood correctly is not hard. You need to pay attention. Also, fish dishes are delicate and naturally sensual and might just be the ideal thing to put the mood for you and your new lucky partner. Don’t fear if you’re nervous about the prospect of cooking! You can always search online and find recipes for pretty much anything you’d be interested in making.


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Volvo’s Magnets Get Through In Self-Driving Cars


Volvo is continuing its focus on autonomous vehicle technology having a research project that involves the usage of magnets to hold self-driving cars on the road. The Swedish automaker says the technology may help improve road maintenance and enable for lanes to be narrowed, as well as preventing cars from running from the road.

The recently-completed research project happened at Volvo’s testing facilities in Hällered, Sweden. This is only outside Gothenburg, the city hosting Volvo’s large-scale autonomous driving project that will see 100 self-driving cars using public roads in everyday driving conditions. It’s also the city where Gizmag’s James Holloway got to have a ride in a car packed with some of Volvo’s autonomous driving technology.

In an attempt to overcome the limitations of other positioning technologies, such as GPS and cameras, which can struggle in certain locations and conditions – in tunnels and thick fog, for example – Volvo Cars’ research team embedded round ferrite magnets measuring 40 x 15 mm at a depth of 200 mm below the surface of a 100-meter long test track. An exam vehicle built with several magnetic sensors was driven on the road at a range of speeds.

“”Accurate, reliable positioning is a necessary prerequisite for any self-driving car, says Jonas Ekmark, Preventive Safety Leader at Volvo Car Group. “”The magnets create an invisible ‘railway’ that literally paves the way for any positioning inaccuracy of less than one decimeter (10 cm/4 in).

That the magnet-based positioning technology offers benefits other than just keeping self-driving cars on the streets, although ekmark says that it will be entirely possible to place autonomous vehicles on the road without changes to present infrastructure. Preventing damage to snow-covered objects by winter road maintenance crews and enabling lanes to become narrowed are simply two other possibilities given by the accurate positioning information provided by road-integrated magnets.

Ferrite magnets are an efficient, relatively and reliable cheap solution, both when it comes to the infrastructure and on-board sensor technology, says Ekmark,. That’s “”Our experience so far. “”The next step is to conduct tests in actual-life traffic.

The investigation was carried out with financial support in the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket), which is interested the potential of the technology.

“”The test results are quite interesting, especially when adding the potential for improved safety also the advantages for the development of self-driving vehicles, says Claes Tingvall, Traffic Safety Director with the Swedish Transport Administration. “”A big-scale implementation of road magnets could very well be part of Sweden’s aim to pioneer technology that contributes to sustainable mobility.

Source: Volvo

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When You Are In A Look Out For Auto Finance Jobs


There are a variety of forms of finance jobs within the auto industry. Auto manufacturers, by way of example, have corporate headquarters staffs that typically include a sizable finance department. Auto dealerships employ finance staff who help with the internal running from the business, and also finance managers who work together with customers to approve loans for the purchase of a used or new vehicle. Other manufacturers serve auto manufacturers and dealers, and provide their particular finance teams. Here are some procedures for finding a job in auto finance.

1.Search general job-hunting websites. Many auto companies still use general-interest job posting sites to advertise openings. Well-known employment websites should be the first stop in your job search.

2.Check niche job posting websites.

Find jobs in your geographical area. Sites targeted to a particular geographical area will help you find only jobs that are open in your area. Some companies use these sites because they’re cheaper to share on than general-interest sites.

Find jobs specific for the auto industry. Sites targeted to the auto industry specifically will help you find only positions in your target field. These job-specific websites also will allow you to gain insight into who is hiring within the industry.

3.Visit dealership and corporate websites. Some companies only post open positions on their own websites. Check the career page of your company you’re interested in as often as possible. A few will even let you sign up to obtain email alerts when new jobs are posted.

4.Consider suppliers. Parts wholesalers and manufacturerswholesalers, accessory and tire manufacturers and retailers, and other auto industry players can be good places to find finance job opportunities. Even larger banks and credit unions are part of the auto industry, because they supply loans to buyers. They often have jobs for people who specialize in auto financing.

5.Use your network. Tell all of your current relatives, friends and associates about your auto industry search. Someone you know could have a connection to a hiring manager planning to fill a finance job.

6.Get in touch with auto industry employees. Use social media websites to find people who work for the automotive companies that interest you. Get in touch with them, and ask for insight as to how to find a job with their company.

7.Put in place an informational interview. Contact someone who is in finance in a auto company in your area. Ask if you can talk to him and learn more about his career path. You’ll gain understanding of ways to start your own auto finance career, and you’ll also produce a new contact in the industry.

8.Work in a non-finance job in an auto dealership. Many finance managers worked their way up from other positions within dealerships. A car sales background is particularly relevant to the work that auto dealership finance managers do.

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Are Automatic Car Washers Better Than Hand Washing Your Car

An automatic car wash will save time and trouble, no surprise they have become so popular lately. The modern washes are equipped with hi-tech sprays, soft and equipment cloths made to protect the finish of your car. Of course not all car wash facilities can be so modern – many will have been in commission for longer than ten, twenty or even thirty years. Some car washes can leave the car with swirl marks, others cause problems for motors with a wide wheel base and low profile, even causing scrapes and scratches. It is also worth thinking about those dangling clothes and spinning brushes – even should they be made of the very high tech materials they have also been used on a huge selection of other dirty cars and may collect a great deal of dirt and debris along the way, however . . . .


Washing your car or truck at home that old fashioned way with a sponge and bucket of water can release harmful contaminated water into the storm drains and environment. This can end up with polluted harbors, lakes, streams and rivers as the water runs off towards the outlet. The water which is washed coming from a car might have several contaminants and pollutants including soaps, mud, detergents, rubber and grease. It can also be a significant time consuming and difficult job handy wash your car or truck at home, depending upon how dirty it is to begin with. The cloths and sponges you use can rapidly become contaminated with dirt and grit particles creating scratches on the surface of your paintwork along with a garden hose does not have sufficient pressure to get rid of all of the detergents and soap through the car which may leave a potentially harmful residue on the paintwork.


So what’s the answer? Let’s say you’ve just picked up a fantastic shiny motor from Ford Oasis and you want to keep the gleaming paintwork in great condition for as long as possible but don’t desire to harm the surroundings in the process?

Let’s look at several facts:

• When it comes to convenience and speed automatic car washes come out on top every time. All you have to do is to drive towards the nearest car wash (you most likely pass one on the right way to work or maybe the store). Even the most basic of hand washes need a a, soap, bucket and sponge flow of running water at the very least.

• Automatic car washes are all dusted and done in 10 to 15 minutes but a hand wash could take as much as an hour or maybe more.

• Giving your car a wax and polish after washing will help restore the luster of your paintwork – this is not a thing that is available in an automatic wash.

• Drying your car by hand utilizing a micro fiber, clean cloth can leave a fabulous finish compared to the air drying which is usually used at an automatic washer.

After the day, if time is not a factor then hand washing comes out ahead each and every time – particularly if have someone else to do it. Many people find hand washing their cars a therapeutic weekend pastime but for others it’s just one more chore to add to the list. It really depends upon your personality.


A weekly wash will be sure that your car is not really too dirty to make it right into a big job and assist to sustain the fine paintwork, just like the shiny cars at Fairview Ford.

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Save Your Money With These Tire Replacements


Even the most sophisticated braking systems won’t work if the tires aren’t gripping the road. Maintaining your tires and replacing them when necessary is vital to safety.

A lot people don’t think about tires this way. That is the trouble. That’s understandable. Tires are boring to the average car owner. There are far too many of us out there that don’t know how to determine whether they need a new set of tires, or which tires to buy when it’s time for replacement, as a result.

Take a look at these four useful and simple tips regarding tire replacement. They’ll help you save money and stay safe on the road.

1. Determine if it’s time for replacement

To determine whether you even need new tires, do some simple checks on your current set. First, take a penny and place the edge into the groove of each tire. Insert the edge of the penny into the tread upside down, with the top of good ol’ Honest Abe’s noggin going in first. If the top of Lincoln’s head is covered by tread, that means you still have an acceptable and safe amount of tread. Do this test at various points around the perimeter of the tire. It’s time to go tire shopping if the top of Lincoln’s head is visible at any point around the tire. You can see an example of how to do this test here.

Check to make sure the edges of the tires don’t show excessive wear, and that the tire pressure is correct. Your owner’s manual should have the recommended tire pressure, and most gas stations have an air compressor with a tire gauge in the event that you need to fill them.

2. Don’t replace all four tires unless unless absolutely necessary

The front tires of a car will often wear out faster than the rear tires. If you don’t often rotate the tires during your vehicle’s life, this is especially true. Inquire about the condition of the rear tires before agreeing to the whole thing if your local tire shop insists that you need a new set. Replacing four tires costs twice as much, and your rear pair could still have thousands of miles of life left.

It’s better to put the new tires on the back, rotating the older ones to the front position, if you do buy two tires instead of four. The newer tires will help the car remain stable if you need to swerve out of an emergency situation. Do not buy one tire at a time. If a single tire is damaged, always get another new one for the other side of the car.

3. Big brands are not always the best value

Most people can name two or three tire brands from marketing and advertisements campaigns. The big brands typically produce quality tires, but there are many lesser-known brands that are just as good. The lesser-known brands can save over 50 percent compared with the name brands, and can deliver the same tire level and life of comfort.

You can get recommendations on different brands from a site like Tire Rack.

4. Get an alignment

Getting an alignment every time you install new tires is crucial to extending the life of the tires. When your wheels are properly aligned, the tires will wear evenly as they were designed to do. If you install new tires and you wheels are out of alignment, the uneven wear can cause you to need a new set of tires prematurely.

Stan Markuze is the founder of PartMyRide, an online marketplace for original used auto parts.

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The Release Of 2014 Auto Spotlight


Welcome to the 2014 Autos Spotlight, where we highlight our annual Top Picks, car brand report cards, and much, much more.

Consumer Reports is the world’s largest independent consumer-product-testing organization. We also survey millions of consumers about their experiences with services and products. We’re based in Yonkers, N.Y., and operate a full auto-test facility in Connecticut.

The reviews and Ratings presented here, and elsewhere on, are based on the most comprehensive independent auto-testing program and reliability information of any U.S. publication or website.

As a nonprofit organization, we work for you, the consumer-not advertisers or outside interests. You’ll find comprehensive road tests, reliability reports, buying advice, and more here online to aid your next car purchase.

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Find the Eye in Your Storm

I love Los Angeles. I adore it. I probably have twenty restaurants that I consider my favorite. There’s always something to accomplish, even though i actually have just the right quantity of friends in my community! For me personally, there’s never a dull moment, which can actually be described as a problem. Escaping this rat race is hard and for many of us, finding a chance to relax is often a chore! I understand that sounds counter-intuitive, and for most people in many places, it can be. But L . A . is an entirely different sort of place, and down time comes with a premium. Listed here are a couple of suggestions on how to have the down time you deserve!

The right car

Anyone who has lived in L . A . for longer than 2 weeks will tell you that having the right car is as important as finding the right girlfriend or boyfriend. The right car or truck offers the perfect respite in the rat race. It works as a safe and quiet shell from the outside world. The latest, 2014 hybrid Nissan Altima is the quintessential vehicle to maximize your comfort and safety while minimizing carbon and cost footprint. For me, it’s the best possible vehicle within a reasonable price range. I really like it because of its inspired cockpit, its silent engine and state of the art security features. I also feel very strongly about supporting the sale of hybrid vehicles. Environmental surroundings is in terrible need of our care and every little bit we all do, helps. Go to either if you’re interested in the inspired Altima or some of the other tempting and seductive trucks and cars in the new 2014 lineup from Chino Hills Nissan or Metro Nissan Redlands and get amazed!


Though L . A . is infamous for its traffic and mayhem, additionally, it has a variety of nooks and crannies to avoid to. Griffith Park is smack dab in the middle of Hollywood and offers miles upon miles of out-of-the-way hiking trails. If you’re lucky, you could even spot a mountain lion! The Santa Monica mountain range is simply thirty miles from Hollywood and when you walk set for twenty minutes, you’ll forget that there is a population of nearly fifteen million within twenty square miles! Personally, when I need to escape, I go no beyond Echo Park lake. Though it’s right in the middle of town, this little gem showcases a beautiful array of birds along with an inspired conservation project. For your kids, there are paddle-boats and for the young lovers, gondola rides.


From most perspectives, Los Angeles appears like absolute chaos. Even here, the world isn’t hard to find, however the cars, the folks and celebrity offer a constant distraction through the world. All one has to do is hop in his new, beautiful hybrid Nissan and escape. You won’t must drive far.


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What’s In Store For Us With Toyota Vios


Toyota Vios 1.3 E – MT – ALL POWER – 2005

Toyota Vios 1.3 E – MT – ALL POWER – 2005 – Thumbnail- 1

Toyota Vios 1.3 E – MT – ALL POWER – 2005 – Thumbnail- 2

More Toyota Vios

Toyota Vios – 09 AT Toyota Vios – 08 2009 Model Toyota Vios 1.5 G

? 260,000 Today 18: 15, NCR – Metro Manila

Model year : 2005Make : Toyota Color : Gray/SilverModel : ViosTransmission : Manual




















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Rinspeed XchangE Concept Feels Like Driving Tesla


We’ve all heard rumors and news swirling of self-driving cars in our not too distant future, but if they were here today, what form would they take? If optimized for enjoying leisure time during fully autonomous driving mode, what would the interior look like? That’s the question “idea factory” Rinspeed attempts to answer in its new Rinspeed XchangE Concept, based on the Tesla Model S EV and coming to this year’s Geneva Motor Show next month.

With 20 possible different seating positions in a versatile interior, the XchangE features front chairs that swivel rearward for better watching of a 32-inch 4K ultra-HD screen in the rear. There’s also four screens in the dash for all manner of driving and productivity tasks, and the drive-by-wire steering wheel is placed at the center, ready to be slid toward the driver should manual control be needed (see below).

There’s even the world’s most expensive watch winder on board, Rinspeed says, which uses an electric motor to wind a special Carl F. Bucherer Patravi TravelTec watch that’s mounted in the steering column. Why, you ask? Well, why not? After all, this is one over-the-top concept car.

Rinspeed XchangE Model S Concept InteriorRinspeed XchangE Model S Interior Swiveling WheelAs for nuts and bolts, making use of an LTE high-speed data network from Deutsche Telecom for an always-on connection, the XchangE uses a data network created by linking multiple cars together for the greatest possible safety during autonomous driving on the road. If all cars were linked in this fashion, first on special “self-driving car-only lanes”, for example, the system would allow the vehicles to interact with each other to keep things in line as well as the network being instantly aware of changing road conditions. The more vehicles connected to the network; the better the network works. At least that’s the plan, Rinspeed says.

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