Creative Ways to Be Cheap

Saving money doesn’t have to mean eating generic canned food every day or wearing uncool clothes which can be older than you are. There are plenty of ways to save money and stay thrifty and have a great time doing the work.

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If you find the right store, thrift stores are fantastic sources of really fun stuff and much of this is pretty nice. You can get retro clothes or decorations and even find furniture and appliances. Try looking through some of your local stores first so see what they have, you may find they may have it for a fraction of what you will have paid new, if you find something that you have to get. Sometimes you may even locate something that is actually new which was donated on the store.

In terms of furniture, some imagination can lead you to make a not so great piece that you simply buy at the yet sale or thrift store and turn it into something great. Pieces that don’t exactly match can be produced to look great together with the addition of matching paint and hardware. Look for projects on Pinterest and blogs to try.


Learning how to do some decorating and easy projects by yourself can also help you to save money. There is not any reason to pay for someone to do simple projects like paint a wall or do basic landscaping. You can do every one of these things. Go ahead and lookup how to do it online if you don’t think you know how to perform something. You may find it is way easier than you thought it will be.

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