Find the Eye in Your Storm

I love Los Angeles. I adore it. I probably have twenty restaurants that I consider my favorite. There’s always something to accomplish, even though i actually have just the right quantity of friends in my community! For me personally, there’s never a dull moment, which can actually be described as a problem. Escaping this rat race is hard and for many of us, finding a chance to relax is often a chore! I understand that sounds counter-intuitive, and for most people in many places, it can be. But L . A . is an entirely different sort of place, and down time comes with a premium. Listed here are a couple of suggestions on how to have the down time you deserve!

The right car

Anyone who has lived in L . A . for longer than 2 weeks will tell you that having the right car is as important as finding the right girlfriend or boyfriend. The right car or truck offers the perfect respite in the rat race. It works as a safe and quiet shell from the outside world. The latest, 2014 hybrid Nissan Altima is the quintessential vehicle to maximize your comfort and safety while minimizing carbon and cost footprint. For me, it’s the best possible vehicle within a reasonable price range. I really like it because of its inspired cockpit, its silent engine and state of the art security features. I also feel very strongly about supporting the sale of hybrid vehicles. Environmental surroundings is in terrible need of our care and every little bit we all do, helps. Go to either if you’re interested in the inspired Altima or some of the other tempting and seductive trucks and cars in the new 2014 lineup from Chino Hills Nissan or Metro Nissan Redlands and get amazed!


Though L . A . is infamous for its traffic and mayhem, additionally, it has a variety of nooks and crannies to avoid to. Griffith Park is smack dab in the middle of Hollywood and offers miles upon miles of out-of-the-way hiking trails. If you’re lucky, you could even spot a mountain lion! The Santa Monica mountain range is simply thirty miles from Hollywood and when you walk set for twenty minutes, you’ll forget that there is a population of nearly fifteen million within twenty square miles! Personally, when I need to escape, I go no beyond Echo Park lake. Though it’s right in the middle of town, this little gem showcases a beautiful array of birds along with an inspired conservation project. For your kids, there are paddle-boats and for the young lovers, gondola rides.


From most perspectives, Los Angeles appears like absolute chaos. Even here, the world isn’t hard to find, however the cars, the folks and celebrity offer a constant distraction through the world. All one has to do is hop in his new, beautiful hybrid Nissan and escape. You won’t must drive far.


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