How You Can Be Safe In Your Car

Oftentimes, women don’t feel safe in their cars. This is especially true in the colder months, when they could be driving more regularly in darkness or only partial daylight. Taking precautions and knowing what to do when they feel threatened can help women feel more confident.

Business woman looking at camera through the car window.

Here are some tips that should be taken seriously:

Usually do not pick up strangers for any reason, even if this may seem obvious. If you have a cell phone, you can use it to report dire circumstances to police.

Trust your feelings. Drive to a well-lit public area where one can leave the car safely to have help if you think someone is following you.

Doors and windows should be closed and locked whenever possible. Valuables, say for example a purse, should be out of sight.

Keep the car clean and empty. Put groceries, shopping bags, and coats in the trunk rather than the back seat.

Leave plenty of space between your car and the one ahead of you when parked at a light or stop sign.

Your automobile horn may serve as a deterrent to attackers, so do not forget that it’s available and use it wisely.

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