Are Automatic Car Washers Better Than Hand Washing Your Car

An automatic car wash will save time and trouble, no surprise they have become so popular lately. The modern washes are equipped with hi-tech sprays, soft and equipment cloths made to protect the finish of your car. Of course not all car wash facilities can be so modern – many will have been in commission for longer than ten, twenty or even thirty years. Some car washes can leave the car with swirl marks, others cause problems for motors with a wide wheel base and low profile, even causing scrapes and scratches. It is also worth thinking about those dangling clothes and spinning brushes – even should they be made of the very high tech materials they have also been used on a huge selection of other dirty cars and may collect a great deal of dirt and debris along the way, however . . . .


Washing your car or truck at home that old fashioned way with a sponge and bucket of water can release harmful contaminated water into the storm drains and environment. This can end up with polluted harbors, lakes, streams and rivers as the water runs off towards the outlet. The water which is washed coming from a car might have several contaminants and pollutants including soaps, mud, detergents, rubber and grease. It can also be a significant time consuming and difficult job handy wash your car or truck at home, depending upon how dirty it is to begin with. The cloths and sponges you use can rapidly become contaminated with dirt and grit particles creating scratches on the surface of your paintwork along with a garden hose does not have sufficient pressure to get rid of all of the detergents and soap through the car which may leave a potentially harmful residue on the paintwork.


So what’s the answer? Let’s say you’ve just picked up a fantastic shiny motor from Ford Oasis and you want to keep the gleaming paintwork in great condition for as long as possible but don’t desire to harm the surroundings in the process?

Let’s look at several facts:

• When it comes to convenience and speed automatic car washes come out on top every time. All you have to do is to drive towards the nearest car wash (you most likely pass one on the right way to work or maybe the store). Even the most basic of hand washes need a a, soap, bucket and sponge flow of running water at the very least.

• Automatic car washes are all dusted and done in 10 to 15 minutes but a hand wash could take as much as an hour or maybe more.

• Giving your car a wax and polish after washing will help restore the luster of your paintwork – this is not a thing that is available in an automatic wash.

• Drying your car by hand utilizing a micro fiber, clean cloth can leave a fabulous finish compared to the air drying which is usually used at an automatic washer.

After the day, if time is not a factor then hand washing comes out ahead each and every time – particularly if have someone else to do it. Many people find hand washing their cars a therapeutic weekend pastime but for others it’s just one more chore to add to the list. It really depends upon your personality.


A weekly wash will be sure that your car is not really too dirty to make it right into a big job and assist to sustain the fine paintwork, just like the shiny cars at Fairview Ford.

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